Motor Vehicle

How to make a Claim

The quickest and easiest way to lodge a claim is by completing the Online Claim Form.

Motor Vehicle Claims Process

At Tokio Marine & Nichido the repair of your motor vehicle is a simple process to get your vehicle back on the road.

Recommended Repairers

Please find nearest repairers in Repairer Network.

Each repairer has been carefully selected to meet the following criteria:

  • Quality repairs in a timely and professional manner
  • Sufficiently equipped to undertake all types of repairs
  • Committed to superior customer service
  • Long term trusted relationship

Convenient locations Australia-wide and throughout New Zealand with the majority   of repairers providing courtesy vehicles.

Our Repair Process

Our repair process:

  • Is stress-free, you only have to obtain one quote (please refer to our Repairer  Network)
  • Allows you to select a repairer of your choice ,provided that they are a licensed repairer and are  appropriately qualified , alternatively please refer to our Repairer  Network.
  • Guarantees repairs for the lifetime of the vehicle. Our repairers will endeavor to supply genuine parts where available.

Our claims controllers can discuss the most convenient method for arranging the repair of your vehicle and, if required, will assist you in selecting the most suitable and conveniently located repairer.

If your vehicle cannot be driven, we can arrange for it to be towed and delivered to the repairer.

Windscreen/Glass Claims

If you wish to lodge a claim for damaged  windscreen/ glass (subject to policy conditions), please call O’Brien Glass on 13 16 16. O’Brien Glass is our preferred supplier for all windscreen and glass damage.

Please ensure that you advise O’Brien that you are insured with Tokio Marine & Nichido and that you have your  policy number with you when you call and details of how the damage occurred, and O’Brien Glass will manage the process for you. Alternatively, if you do not have your policy number with you, please call Tokio Marine on 1800 229 272.

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