Commercial Business

How to make a Claim

Take all reasonable precautions to prevent any further loss or damage to your property.

Report any thefts, attempted thefts, malicious damage to the police as soon as possible.

Contact us on 1800 229 272 to advise what has happened and we will take you through the claims process.

Property Claims Procedure

Once you have spoken to the Claims department, complete a claim form and send through either by fax, email or post to the Claims department. With each claim form you must attach (where applicable):

  • Photographs of the damage
  • Repair quotations for the repairs/damaged goods
  • Invoices if the damage has been repaired or damaged goods replaced
  • Original purchase receipts/documentation to show proof of ownership where possible; and
  • Details of where the damage can be inspected.

Once the above has been received, we will assess and notify you if we require a loss adjustor to inspect the damage. Please keep all damaged goods available for inspection until we further notify you.

Liability Claims Procedure

  • Do not admit liability for any incident either verbally or in writing
  • Take all reasonable steps following an incident to protect the person or property from further injury
  • Complete an incident report form as soon as possible after the incident in order to note exactly what happened
  • Take photographs of the incident location/ item if possible to do so
  • Obtain as much information as possible- for example witness details, contact details of all parties involved
  • Take photographs of the incident/ location/ item as soon as possible

Forward any third party correspondence including letters from solicitors, statements of claim, letters of demand immediately to our claims department in addition to your completed claim form and any further documentation relating to the alleged incident.

Should any third party or their insurance company call or contact you directly, please avoid entering into any conversation with them regarding the alleged incident and refer them to contact us instead.  We will advise you of the next step in the claim process which may include appointment of  an expert such as a loss adjuster  or solicitor.

Please note that while due care has been considered in preparing this information, it should not be construed as legal advice.

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